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Daily planner, School Bell

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效率 生活
开发 Youngsuk Jang
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School Bell is the smartest daily planner application for a productive and regular day. Therefore it is easy to use by anyone, young and old. Actually repeated days are hard and tiring. However in that repetition, we develop, and rest becomes sweeter. Are you dreaming of a better future? Get started School Bell now!

[ Introduction of School Bell ]

● An easy-to-make daily planner
- As you can see from the screenshot, School Bell can easily make a daily planner. Especially, the start time of the task is automatically set to the end time of the previous task when you add a task. This makes it easier to add tasks. Also, if there is a time gap between tasks, the gap is automatically generated as no task.

● An intuitive circle schedule
- Circle schedule is displayed on the main screen by default. You can enlarge the circle and share it with the SNS. As time goes on, the circle fills up and you can see the progress of the schedule better.

● Notifications and Widgets
- Simply turn on the created schedule, you can notify by schedule, and you can see the agenda and progress of the schedule in the widget without turning on the app.

● Today, rate yourself
- You can evaluate a day yourself on School Bell application. No matter how good the plan is useless if we do not practice. Look back on a day through self evaluation, and prepare for tomorrow. To avoid forgetting to rate, a star button appears in the top right corner of the main screen every day from 6pm to 4am in the next day.

● Schedule management & Various bells(beeps)
- You can backup and restore your schedule.
- School Bell offers various bells.

* If you have any good ideas or improvements, please let me know at any time within the School Bell app. (● ● ● -> Feedback -> Send feedback) I will always try to make a better application.